Portland Mercury’s Epic Interviews with the Writer/Director/Star of The Room! – I was a little nervous to speak with Tommy Wiseau, writer/producer/director/star of The Room. Wiseau is known for being secretive about the funding of the project—The Room was reportedly made for six million dollars, raised entirely by Wiseau without any studio backing—and for ignoring questions about the origin of his thick, Eastern European-sounding accent. He’s savvy enough to understand The Room’s appeal, and mentions it works best as a black comedy. His people asked to see my questions before our interview, so I dutifully sent off a list of polite topics. But then I got his responses emailed back to me, along with confirmation for our phone interview time, and I wasn’t sure how our interview would proceed. Would I read my questions, and have him read his prepared responses, like a script? Read the Whole Thing Here!

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