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Inside the cinema, audience members are shouting at the screen, acting out scenes and throwing plastic cutlery. The experience is similar to watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s more like a play than a film. A very bad play, with plenty of heckling.

Made on a shoestring budget, with a tenuous plot and excessive use of a blue screen, cult film The Room was panned by critics and could – and some would say should – have disappeared without a trace. But somehow, ten years on from its original release in 2003, the Tennessee Williams-inspired, 99-minute work of plot cul-de-sacs, deeply uncomfortable love scenes (Is he meant to be aiming for her navel? Why are they stroking each other with roses? Is the orphan child trying to join in?) and bad acting is selling out at regular late-night screenings across the UK and north America. The mysterious figure at the centre of this unlikely success story is former city worker and leather goods designer Tommy Wiseau. He is the director, producer, writer and central protagonist of the film.

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