The cult hit The Room is fast becoming the Rocky Horror of its generation. Originally released in 2003, the film quickly sank like a stone and seemed destined for obscurity…until it was discovered by a small but enthusiastic contingent of movie geeks and irony-loving hipsters. Since then, midnight screenings have been cropping up all over the country, attended by boisterous fans who dress up like the film’s characters and act out scenes at the front of the theatre. Tommy Wiseau—the movie’s writer, director, producer and star—has fully embraced the hype and even makes appearances at screenings to sign autographs and greet loyal “Roomies”, yet remains strangely tight-lipped about the film’s production, script, and actors. So imagine our delight when Juliette Danielle— The Room ‘s leading lady—agreed to be interviewed for Praxis . Juliette is—of course—nothing like her Room character, the deliciously evil and duplicitous Lisa. She rescues feral cats, she likes karaoke, and she has a great sense of humor about The Room and its legions of devoted fans.


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