The independent film “The Room” didn’t exactly make a splash when it opened six years ago. Critics panned it — the few who reviewed it, that is — and moviegoers stayed away in droves.

So why, on a Saturday night, are hundreds of people lined up around the second-floor space of Laemmle’s Sunset 5 theater on Sunset Boulevard, waiting to see it? And why are many of them lugging bags full of plastic spoons?

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You wanted it. You got it. The Talking Johnny Bobble Head is coming this Christmas! I know what’ll be “tearing apart” my stocking this holiday!

Talking Johnny Bobble Head from The Room

Here are some specs:

* 7.5 inch, high-quality resin
* Johnny looks dashing in his lumpy black suit
* He’s carrying a rose for Lisa and a football for playing with Denny
* The base is a recreation of the famed roof set with official The Room logo

He says his classic lines with a push of a button:

“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!”
“I’m fed up with this world!”
“Love is blind.”
“Oh, hi Denny.”
“I did naaaaaaaht.”

Stay tuned for updates!

XPress in Canada Gets a Room

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One has to prepare properly for this event. Spoons, preferably of the plastic variety, to throw at the screen are a necessity, as are a couple of pops beforehand (as Don Cherry would say), for you will be “Roomed.” Yes, this landmark cinematic achievement has spawned its own verbiage.

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The Room is selling out screenings in Australia! Here’s a post from

It’s essentially a love triangle between Johnny (Wiseau), his fiancée Lisa (Juliette Danielle) and his best friend, Mark (Greg Sestero, also the line producer). Then there’s Lisa’s mum, an orphan (played by a 40-year-old man), a doggie, and much, much more.

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The site gives props where props are due!

“Why is a low-budget melodrama from 2003 the No. 1 selling DVD on in both independent comedy and independent drama — especially when those who see it describe it as “absolutely terrible”? Welcome to the strange cult of “The Room.”

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Happy Birthday, Tommy!

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Tommy's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Tommy! May the coming year bring you, and us, more Wiseau-Films projects!

Don’t get too wasted on Scotchka and be sure to have someone invite all your friends to the birthday party. It’s a good idea!

Angst in Arkansas!

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When you think of great cinematic displays of angst, maybe you land on Gena Rowlands wilding out in “A Woman under the Influence.” Or Brando, bellowing up at the balcony in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” But that’s only because you probably haven’t seen “The Room,” the melodrama-turned-cult-hit that screened at the Little Rock Film Festival in May. It will play again at 9 p.m. Saturday at Market Street Cinema and, if organizer Levi Agee has his way, each subsequent final Saturday of the month until September.


The Room and The Emmy?

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What does “The Room” have in common with The 2009 Emmy Awards? Alec Baldwin. Click the image to find out more!

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The media savvy among you might already have heard about this, or seen clips form it on YouTube. It has been playing once-monthly midnight shows in Los Angeles for five years now, to audiences that react with an interactive fervor that recalls the heyday of Rocky Horror. It’s available on DVD, and while you can’t get it from NetFlix or at local rental outlets, you can buy it for under $10 at Amazon.

Get it. It’s worth every penny.

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The steamy story of a love triangle between a duplicitous young woman, her too-trusting fiancé and his best friend, The Room is a movie that provokes many, many questions.

Indeed, their sheer abundance makes Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 movie an unusually enigmatic viewing experience, as Torontonians may discover when one of the decade’s strangest cult sensations has its first official Canadian screening at the Royal July 24.


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