Greg Sestero Steals the Bride!

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You have to watch that best man…especially when he’s Greg Sestero! Beardless and in shape from years of running Bay to Breakers makes him a man that’s just waiting for you to screw up. Watch Miranda Lambert’s music video “White Liar” and watch Greg Sestero save the day! Here’s some country with Sestosterone!

The catchy music stays with you. You hum it in your car, at the office, in the shower. That haunting, romantic score to THE ROOM which sounds a little like a Harry Potter porn film. We got an exclusive interview with composer, Prof. Mladen Milicevic who helped give the film its distinctive tone. He’s a professor at Loyola Marymount University and knew the film would be a hit from the start. Read on (and yes, it’s real)!

TRF- Were you able to view the ‘The Room’ in entirety before composing the soundtrack?
MM – Yes!

TRF – What about the ‘The Room’ inspired the theme for the music?
MM – Tommy’s accent!

TRF – The music definitely has a renaissance sound to it. What inspired you to go with something classical, over something more modern?
MM – Tommy said that ‘The Room’ resembled ‘The Street Car Named desire’

TRF – Did you work closely with Tommy Wiseau on the creation of the music?
MM – Yes! He sat next to me.

TRF – Did Tommy give you any specific direction on the theme?
MM – Absolutely!

TRF – We have to admit, the theme song is incredibly catchy – we often find ourselves humming it at work. Was this intentional?
MM – I did not compose the songs, I just did the background score.

TRF – There are times where the music is foreboding, and dark. What inspired this?
MM – At times the story gets scary. Like when we find out about the breast cancer.

TRF – Are you surprised by the renewed success of the ‘The Room’?
MM – Not at all! It was apparent from the moment I saw the film that it is going to be a big hit. Tommy knew it from the beginning.

TRF – Have you ever been to a midnight screening at the Laemle theater on Sunset?
MM – Several times! Those are my most memorable visits to the movie theatres.

TRF – Are there fans at Loyola who ask you to sign their ‘The Room’ soundtrack cds?
MM – No, but a lot of my students have seen ‘The Room’

Take the greatest films of the last ten years and you’ll see some common threads. Big stars. Oscar-worthy performances. Arresting storytelling. Superb scripts. Pitch-perfect direction. Yes, my friends…and that is where you’ll find The Room!


This is an oldie but a goodie. Kristen Bell talks about her favorite film in this interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Go to 4:51 to hear her describe THE ROOM in all its glory. Will she bring the Talking Johnny Bobble Head to the show next? We’ll see!

The Room is a great feature in the newest edition of Paracinema Magazine! There’s also a nice ad for the Talking Johnny Bobblehead on the back. :-) Check it out. It’s an amazing publication!

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The Room Makes a Top 100 List!

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Oh, you naysayers. You didn’t think it would happen, did you? Well Mike Shultz of River Cities’ Reader thinks there are 100 purely awesome movies from the last decade and THE ROOM is in there!


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Mike's Bobble Head at Work


The Room with Kristen

George and his Bobblehead

Carla kisses her bobble head

Barry with his Bobblehead

We know many of you hardcore fans woke up this morning and found a little Talking Johnny under your Christmas Tree. Pose with your bobble head and share your pics with us! Email them to Happy Holidays!

Talking Johnny Bobble Head from The Room  by Tommy Wiseau

I always knew there was something fishy about Denny…

The Room Trailer – Horror Version

Oh, Hi Fans!! As you all must now by now, the “Johnny” Talking Bobble Head is now available for purchase at Make sure to get yours because they are selling quick! Tell all your friends, family, and everyone that you know that loves “The Room” so that they can have one of the first Talking Johnny Bobble Heads to ever be manufactured!!


Holiday Holidays!

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