It’s unlike any other version you have ever heard. At Chicago’s Music Box theater this past weekend.

There’s this running joke among my friends about my obsession with the film The Room—that little ol’ gem from confusingly accented writer/director/producer/star Tommy Wiseau. What can I say: I love its inconsistencies, its sincerity, its party dresses and abundance of sensual candles. (I’ve often described the film as just like a Skinemax movie, but with all the non-sex parts stretched out.) So, naturally, when I heard one of my favorite local theaters the Music Box was flying Wiseau out for a series of screenings in Chicago, I immediately called them up and asked if I could be a part of the evening.


The Room screening this past weekend at the Music Box Theater in Chicago was a sold out success. Here’s a video of Tommy showing Chicago how to play football ROOM style!

The Room Meets Full House

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What happens when The Room meets Full House? You’ve got the feel good sitcom of the year with the passion of Tennessee Williams. You’ve got Uncle Jesse, Johnny, Mark, Danny, Denny and the rest of the family mixing it up on the streets of San Francisco.

Share the laughter, the love, the lies and the betrayal all under one roof. It’s Full Room, coming this fall.

What ever happened to predictability indeed!

You’re my favorite customer!

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Want to see what happened to the store where Johnny bought all his Valentine’s Day roses for Lisa? Here’s the infamous flower shop location in 2010. The REAL flower shop!

Click the image to see it large.

Johnny's Flower Shop

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

The Room for Valentine's Day

So you want to be as romantic as Johnny by having chocolate and roses ready for your sweet Valentine this year. That’s pretty good but you’ll really seal the deal with the Official Talking Johnny Bobble head. Let’s it whisper sweet nothings into your mate’s ear this holiday and the love will explode like you’re sitting on an atomic bomb!

The Room Stuff is selling the bobble head at a special price for a limited time only. Get one now and give the gift of mad passion this Valentine’s Day!


Awful reviews cannot stop The Room , writes Philippa Hawker.

HOW does it feel to have your film – the one you spent 12 years working on and spent millions of dollars of your own money making and promoting – described as ”the Citizen Kane of bad movies”? If you are Tommy Wiseau – director, writer, producer and star of The Room – you will have a ready answer to this question.

Read the entire article here!

Greg Sestero’s Magic Football

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The Room Video Greeting to Australia by Greg Sestero!

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I had been hearing about the amazing cult following behind this infamous movie, which includes the brilliant Tim and Eric (Tommy Wiseau did an episode of Tim and Eric!). So, when ratscratch himself said The Room was “so perfectly horrendous, so unbelievably awful that it reaches new depths of bad. It reinvents bad.” I knew I had to finally see it. There were awesome things yelled at the screen, props were thrown constantly, and it was true: the film indeed made the pacman effect from horrible to amazing. We needed a new Rocky Horror or Plan 9, and we now have it. Congratulations, this generation!

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On February 6th at midnight, a mere seven days before Casablanca, the Cedar Lee theater will be showing The Room, one of the best bad movies you‘ll ever see. This multi-million dollar production comes to us from the strangely beefy auteur Tommy Wiseau and has threatened in overtake The Rocky Horror Picture Show as the midnight movie of choice for discerning moviegoers in many cities. The Room concerns the trials and tribulations of Johnny (played by Wiseau), a banker who cannot wait to marry the love of his life, Lisa. But Lisa is two timing on him with his best friend, and her mother has cancer and their nearly adopted son is hooked on drugs, and the bank where Johnny works doesn’t like his ideas and… whew!

Trying to define The Room is like trying to cage a wild animal, it’s dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted by the weak. Just bring some plastic spoons to the show and join in on what has become a great audience participation event. Bring your significant other with you and drink from the somewhat rotten smelling well of knowledge that is contained in this hysterically inept, but wonderful little gem.


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