Tommy Wiseau is not, technically, famous. He has never been on the cover of Us Weekly, nor has he been the subject of salacious rumors on E! — in short, he is the sort of person who can usually walk down the street without being stopped. Yet on a recent Friday night outside New York City’s Ziegfeld Theatre, Wiseau was greeted by a mob of fans. They chanted his name, crowded around him for pictures and roped him into a game of catch. After he entered the theater, the people he left behind spoke in awestruck tones. Said one: “This is the best night of my life.”

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Tommy Takes the Red Eye

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Tommy Wiseau gets interviewed in glorious Wiseau style!

Of course Tommy should direct the next Twilight film. That’s a slam dunk.

“Okay, so I know what you’re thinking: “You’re just saying that because you think TWILIGHT sucks, and THE ROOM sucks too!” Au contraire. First of all, I think THE ROOM is AWESOME. Secondly, yes, I do think the first TWILIGHT movie kinda sucks, but I have a much more detailed case to make that Tommy is the man. To start with, he shares the same fashion sense as Jacob:”


The cult hit The Room is fast becoming the Rocky Horror of its generation. Originally released in 2003, the film quickly sank like a stone and seemed destined for obscurity…until it was discovered by a small but enthusiastic contingent of movie geeks and irony-loving hipsters. Since then, midnight screenings have been cropping up all over the country, attended by boisterous fans who dress up like the film’s characters and act out scenes at the front of the theatre. Tommy Wiseau—the movie’s writer, director, producer and star—has fully embraced the hype and even makes appearances at screenings to sign autographs and greet loyal “Roomies”, yet remains strangely tight-lipped about the film’s production, script, and actors. So imagine our delight when Juliette Danielle— The Room ‘s leading lady—agreed to be interviewed for Praxis . Juliette is—of course—nothing like her Room character, the deliciously evil and duplicitous Lisa. She rescues feral cats, she likes karaoke, and she has a great sense of humor about The Room and its legions of devoted fans.


The Room in 3D!

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Tommy Wiseau in 3D

Now when Johnny is torn apart, you can really feel it! Avatar, look out. Tommy tell Boston The Room could be in 3D!

“But a few days before his belated Bean Town touchdown, Wiseau exclusively told MyFoxBoston of his plans to bring “The Room” even closer yet to its devoted fan-base. “We are actually looking at (reformatting) the film in 3-D,” Wiseau told MyFoxBoston through his signature, all-but indecipherable accent from his L.A. home late one recent Friday night.”

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There were plenty of potential movies for this 100th installment of Awfully Good—PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE, an Uwe Boll retrospective— but one film called out to me from the heavens…


The picture, a left coast midnight hit, didn’t start gaining national traction until it was featured as part of Adult Swim’s 2009 April Fool’s prank. If you want to gauge the pulse of the midnight movie scene, keep an eye on Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of The Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! These guys are championing this movement, which up to this point, I was pretty sure was dying animal but the sudden popularity of The Room has given the Midnight scene a little bit of life and now that Tim and Eric are out there championing the equally as insane horror picture, Birdemic, you can expect a little more movement in those circles.


Shot in 2002, released, barely, in 2003 and gaining in cult status ever since, it’s a film of anguished sincerity, telling the San Francisco-set story of a man, his future wife and his best friend, who is also his future wife’s lover. The writer-director-producer-star is Tommy Wiseau. His opus does not fit any of the usual requirements or definitions of quality. Problems of focus or unconvincing green-screen backgrounds are interrupted, continually, by grander problems of dialogue, acting or human sense.


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