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A special thanks to Caitlin from And You Films who hit The Room with this great parody. Enjoy!

The Room Gets Cracked

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From Cracked!

Just The Facts

  1. Tommy Wiseau wrote, directed, produced, and starred in “The Room.”
  2. No one has any real idea where he’s from, as his accent bears no resemblance to any that can be heard on Earth.
  3. His plans for the future include either a vampire movie, or a biopic on Heath Ledger. With any luck, it will be both. Simultaneously.
  4. All those who challenge or heckle him at public appearances end up looking like douchebags.

We want to thank Tom for passing this list of The Room resources along for all you Room addicts!

From Denver Westword!

For ten years, The Room has been confounding and entertaining audiences. The film’s strange blend of inept performance, oblique writing and haphazard direction has earned it an ever-growing cult audience that can’t get enough of the movie’s unique charms. Sure, by most standards it a “bad” film, even a terrible one, but make no mistake: The Room is one of the most entertaining cinematic experiences you will ever undertake, even if you don’t really understand it.

Talk to its creator Tommy Wiseau, and the film starts to make a certain kind of sense, at least in relation to the man himself. Ask him a question on one topic and you might get a simple, direct answer, or a ten-minute digression that covers everything from classic film to the way the media misunderstands his work. It’s a rambling, surreal and, at times, confusing experience, but one that never fails to entertain — kind of like the movie itself. We caught up with Wiseau before his first-ever appearance in Denver this weekend for special screening of The Room at the Esquire to talk about the film’s tenth anniversary, its legacy and why people still have a hard time understanding everything The Room brings to the table.

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From The Independent

Inside the cinema, audience members are shouting at the screen, acting out scenes and throwing plastic cutlery. The experience is similar to watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s more like a play than a film. A very bad play, with plenty of heckling.

Made on a shoestring budget, with a tenuous plot and excessive use of a blue screen, cult film The Room was panned by critics and could – and some would say should – have disappeared without a trace. But somehow, ten years on from its original release in 2003, the Tennessee Williams-inspired, 99-minute work of plot cul-de-sacs, deeply uncomfortable love scenes (Is he meant to be aiming for her navel? Why are they stroking each other with roses? Is the orphan child trying to join in?) and bad acting is selling out at regular late-night screenings across the UK and north America. The mysterious figure at the centre of this unlikely success story is former city worker and leather goods designer Tommy Wiseau. He is the director, producer, writer and central protagonist of the film.

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The Room stage play. Live at the AFI Silver Screen theater in Maryland on 6-11-11. Staring Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. It’s a dream come true for fans but please, watch those spoons. There are real people up there now!

To be filed in the “Holy Hell” category, we just got a photo from uber The Room fan, Warren and it goes to show how far some people will go to see Wiseau’s masterpiece- to the ends of the Earth!

“My name is Warren and I just got done with a 13 month deployment with the United States Antarctic Program at the South Pole. Attached is a pic of our Room club with the movie at the Geographic South Pole, Antarctica. We managed to watch the film every Wednesday for the duration of Antarctic winter, which lasts about 40 weeks. It was a feat, though many of the other winterovers thought we were a bit odd. Our final screening in October was attended by nearly 75% of the station’s population, however (there were 47 of us). During winter at the South Pole we are inaccessible from the outside world (about 10 months) and endure 6 months of unbroken darkness with temperatures exceeding -100F. The Room kept us warm.”

The Room Goes South!

Click the Pic for the hi-res image.

Thanks for the amazing pic! I sure Tommy will be pleased to know his film has circled the globe and back.

You know you’ve been anxiously waiting to see Tommy’s glorious return to the screen. Now you get to spend Friday with Alex and his terrifying tale of blood and home ownership. Turn the lights down low and enjoy!


Since its limited release in 2003 cult-classic The Room has garnered such lofty accolades as ‘best worst film of all time’ and ‘the Citizen Kane of bad movies’. It regularly packs out late-night screenings in independent cinemas the world over, where hysterical audiences indulge in spoon-throwing and short-distance American football passing, all spawned from bizarre events in the film.

The Room is a comedy of errors, not in the Shakespearean sense but rather actual mistakes made by all involved. These include glaring continuity errors, clichéd dialogue, capricious plot and thoroughly wooden acting. For those not in the know one need only watch this brief excerpt for an accurate representation of the terrible beauty of the film. It soars over ‘just plain bad’, clears un-watchable and lands squarely in that hallowed land of ‘so bad it’s good’. It is a film so perfectly awful that it could not be consciously matched, though given Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix’s recent mockumentary-in-disguise I’m Still Here, it seems many are trying.

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The Room Game

Your 8-bit dreams have come true. We received word that The Room is now available for playing. Join in the adventure as Johnny moves around San Francisco buying Lisa’s red dress, going to work at the bank, and petting his doggie.

Click here to play THE ROOM game!

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