IFC has a great interview with Tommy as he discusses “The Room”!

Seated in front of a mantle upon which rests a football, a basketball, a bouquet of roses and a poster of his face, a man with a mysterious accent speaks about a movie. “Everything you see and experience was done meticulously with meticulous planning and with a lot of preparation,” he says before adding, “This is the finished product,” in case that was not made clear by the film itself. Click Here to Read More!

If you’ve passed through Hollywood enough times, you can’t have failed to notice the bizarre billboard on the West side of Highland just North of Fountain. And if you’re like me, every time you pass by, you idly wonder about the man whose leonine countenance gazes benignly on weary travellers. What is that guy staring at so intently? Why have I never heard of his movie? And how the hell can he afford to keep that billboard up so freaking long? Click Here to Read the Whole Article!

The Room Billboard on Highland

"The Room" Billboard on Highland

Don’t know what to do during the screening of “The Room”? Let Jack Edwards and Saturation Films show you the way!

The Room on EW.com

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EW.com posted an article about the The Crazy Cult of the Room….

i did naaaght!

EW.com posted an article on The Crazy Cult of The Room!

“At a midnight screening in a Los Angeles multiplex, the atmosphere hovers somewhere between rambunctious and mildly terrifying. Whenever a framed photograph of a spoon appears on screen, which it frequently does, audience members throw fistfuls of plastic cutlery. They also perform skits, at one point gathering at the bottom right of the screen and shouting, ”Down here, Tommy!” anticipating the moment when the face of the lead actor, Tommy Wiseau, looks in their direction. And they comment loudly on blurrily shot scenes (”Focus!”) or inadequately introduced characters (”Who the f— are you?”)”…..

If you want to read the full article, go to The Crazy Cult of The Room

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