Think you’ve read all there is to read about Tommy? Think again! Here’s a look at Mr. Wiseau’s spine-tingling interview in the very cool Empire Magazine. If you didn’t pick it up from your neighborhood newsstand (for shame!), you can read it here!

Page One of the Empire Interview

Page Two of the Empire Interview

Page Three of the Empire Interview

Page Four of the Empire Interview

We just got word that TheRoomUK put together an amazing video of the premiere screening of The Room at the Prince Charles Cinema!

Audience reactions from the UK premiere of THE ROOM at the Prince Charles Cinema, London. Cameo appearances from TV’s acid tongued moderator CHARLIE BROOKER and uber talented magician/actor ANDY NYMAN.

For more info on THE ROOM in the UK including upcoming screenings check out:

Tommy in NOW

On the phone from San Diego, where he’s signing autographs at Comic-con, Tommy Wiseau, Director of 2003 cult hit The Room, chats about the making of a phenomenon, where you go from there, and why you can’t have a drama without comedy.

Click Here to Read the Full Article!

The Official Fansite YouTube channel will be the place for all out exclusive videos from screenings to interviews to behind the scenes. Check it out… The Official Fansite on YouTube!

We’ve got some exclusive video from the LA screening on the 29th of August. Tommy made an appearance, tossed the football around, signed autographs and took photos with the fans.

The news also broke Saturday Night that a TALKING JOHNNY BOBBLE HEAD is coming!!! Can’t wait!

We’ll see you next month!

Coolidge Corner Represents!

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Check out some funny in-theater videos from the “The Room” screening in Brookline, Mass. at the Coolidge Corner Theatre this past weekend!

More videos are available on the Sanityorlove YouTube channel! Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who came out and sold out FIVE screens at the Los Angeles screening of THE ROOM tonight! Pics and Videos coming soon! Send YOUR pics to We’d love to share them!

“Tommy Wiseau is perhaps most famous for The Room, a feature-length film which he wrote, directed, and produced and stars in. It was made on a $6 million budget, entirely self-funded. For anyone who’s seen the movie, this man needs no further introduction, but if you haven’t yet gotten the chance to, here are a few clips that should sufficiently acquaint you. He recently appeared as a guest actor on Tim and Eric Awesome Show (Great Job!), and a few weeks later The Room was screened in its entirety on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block.” Read More!


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“Normally, I’m not into bad movies for the sake of bad movies – I never was an Ed Wood fan or followed Mystery Science Theater 3000. However, I was reading EW’s recent feature about the 2003 film, The Room by writer/director/producer/actor Tommy Wiseu and it just sounded too good (or, er, bad) not to check out. I first started with this trailer and by that point, I was game:” Click Here to Read the Rest!

Suddenly, a man jumped up on a riser outside the theater and yelled, “5, 4, 3, 2…”! The crowd roared with excitement! The Count’s jaw dropped as if he’d seen a UFO, then a light bulb went off, “Oh my gosh! That’s the guy! That’s ‘Lisa! You’re tearing me apart!’ the guy from the movie!” Then it hit me, it was Tommy Wiseau, the star of the cult film “The Room”! Read What Happens Next by Clicking Here!

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