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Fan made shirts are always a hoot. Thanks for this one, Julian!

Julian's Tux

John gives us a one-man show!

A great parody of the original “The Room” trailer by AJKHunter!

The Room – watch more funny videos

Saturation Films gets some great fan reactions from an East Village screenings from “The Room” which screened in NYC 3/20/09 at Village East Cinemas. Shot and Interviewed by the Brooklyn Doctors, Produced and Edited by Saturation Films.

SHOT IN 2005…George Gross of Saturation Films showing THE ROOM in NYC The audience reacts to THE ROOM by Tommy Wiseau.

The Fans flatter Tommy with a reenactment!

THE ROOM – A present for a friend

A fan accosts Tommy…and loves it!

tommy wiseau vs bad flirt

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