The catchy music stays with you. You hum it in your car, at the office, in the shower. That haunting, romantic score to THE ROOM which sounds a little like a Harry Potter porn film. We got an exclusive interview with composer, Prof. Mladen Milicevic who helped give the film its distinctive tone. He’s a professor at Loyola Marymount University and knew the film would be a hit from the start. Read on (and yes, it’s real)!

TRF- Were you able to view the ‘The Room’ in entirety before composing the soundtrack?
MM – Yes!

TRF – What about the ‘The Room’ inspired the theme for the music?
MM – Tommy’s accent!

TRF – The music definitely has a renaissance sound to it. What inspired you to go with something classical, over something more modern?
MM – Tommy said that ‘The Room’ resembled ‘The Street Car Named desire’

TRF – Did you work closely with Tommy Wiseau on the creation of the music?
MM – Yes! He sat next to me.

TRF – Did Tommy give you any specific direction on the theme?
MM – Absolutely!

TRF – We have to admit, the theme song is incredibly catchy – we often find ourselves humming it at work. Was this intentional?
MM – I did not compose the songs, I just did the background score.

TRF – There are times where the music is foreboding, and dark. What inspired this?
MM – At times the story gets scary. Like when we find out about the breast cancer.

TRF – Are you surprised by the renewed success of the ‘The Room’?
MM – Not at all! It was apparent from the moment I saw the film that it is going to be a big hit. Tommy knew it from the beginning.

TRF – Have you ever been to a midnight screening at the Laemle theater on Sunset?
MM – Several times! Those are my most memorable visits to the movie theatres.

TRF – Are there fans at Loyola who ask you to sign their ‘The Room’ soundtrack cds?
MM – No, but a lot of my students have seen ‘The Room’

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