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Greg Sestero’s Magic Football

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The Room Video Greeting to Australia by Greg Sestero!

From MovieLine: Over the past two weeks, James Franco relied on brooding stares, sinister laughter and one-note monologues to maximize the illusion of his character’s evil persona. But during today’s episode of General Hospital, the performance art-motivated actor tapped into something much deeper: textbook soap opera skills. Franco was angry, so James Franco raised his voice, pointedly gestured, and adopted all of the body language taught in the “Fury” week of Acting 101. It was a scene with such formulaic passion that it immediately brought to mind Tommy Wiseau’s brilliantly craptastic performance in The Room.

Here’s James Franco being torn apart:


Greg Sestero Steals the Bride!

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You have to watch that best man…especially when he’s Greg Sestero! Beardless and in shape from years of running Bay to Breakers makes him a man that’s just waiting for you to screw up. Watch Miranda Lambert’s music video “White Liar” and watch Greg Sestero save the day! Here’s some country with Sestosterone!

I always knew there was something fishy about Denny…

The Room Trailer – Horror Version

I want to thank OgenB for allowing us to post his wonderful YouTube fan interviews from the packed Portland screening last month. And read his killer review of “The Room” here!

We just got word that TheRoomUK put together an amazing video of the premiere screening of The Room at the Prince Charles Cinema!

Audience reactions from the UK premiere of THE ROOM at the Prince Charles Cinema, London. Cameo appearances from TV’s acid tongued moderator CHARLIE BROOKER and uber talented magician/actor ANDY NYMAN.

For more info on THE ROOM in the UK including upcoming screenings check out:

The Official Fansite YouTube channel will be the place for all out exclusive videos from screenings to interviews to behind the scenes. Check it out… The Official Fansite on YouTube!

We’ve got some exclusive video from the LA screening on the 29th of August. Tommy made an appearance, tossed the football around, signed autographs and took photos with the fans.

The news also broke Saturday Night that a TALKING JOHNNY BOBBLE HEAD is coming!!! Can’t wait!

We’ll see you next month!

Coolidge Corner Represents!

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Check out some funny in-theater videos from the “The Room” screening in Brookline, Mass. at the Coolidge Corner Theatre this past weekend!

More videos are available on the Sanityorlove YouTube channel! Thanks!

Tim and Eric, huge fans of “The Room”, give Tommy Wiseau and chance behind the camera to direct The Pig Man!

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