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Classic Remixes of The Room

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The Room is a lot like a chameleon. It can be many things to many people. Here are two awesome remixes of Wiseau’s great masterwork.

The Room- Horror Style

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if Denny was a psychopath? Wait…he is. Okay, this one may not be a huge stretch but it sure shows Denny at his most dangerous.

The Room – Full House Mashup

Johnny didn’t always have it so rough. Before times got tough, he was part of a pretty happy family. Life was sure good in San Francisco with his buddies Jesse and Joey.

Tommy Wiseau Parody

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A special thanks to Caitlin from And You Films who hit The Room with this great parody. Enjoy!

The Room stage play. Live at the AFI Silver Screen theater in Maryland on 6-11-11. Staring Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. It’s a dream come true for fans but please, watch those spoons. There are real people up there now!

You know you’ve been anxiously waiting to see Tommy’s glorious return to the screen. Now you get to spend Friday with Alex and his terrifying tale of blood and home ownership. Turn the lights down low and enjoy!


Your prayers have been answered. Tommy’s horror film, The House that Dripped Blood on Alex is here! Well, almost. Check out a sneak preview at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego!

Tommy Takes the Red Eye

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Tommy Wiseau gets interviewed in glorious Wiseau style!

You heard right. The makers of the official Talking Johnny Bobble Head have hired the world famous, Steve Commerce to pitch the limited edition, high-quality figurine. He’s giving you the deal of the century. Don’t miss out!

You can watch more episodes at!

And visit Steve Commerce’s official site for more information on the man, the myth, the legend. CLICK HERE!

It’s unlike any other version you have ever heard. At Chicago’s Music Box theater this past weekend.

The Room screening this past weekend at the Music Box Theater in Chicago was a sold out success. Here’s a video of Tommy showing Chicago how to play football ROOM style!

The Room Meets Full House

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What happens when The Room meets Full House? You’ve got the feel good sitcom of the year with the passion of Tennessee Williams. You’ve got Uncle Jesse, Johnny, Mark, Danny, Denny and the rest of the family mixing it up on the streets of San Francisco.

Share the laughter, the love, the lies and the betrayal all under one roof. It’s Full Room, coming this fall.

What ever happened to predictability indeed!

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