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We know there’s no way you don’t know the classic RiffTrax of The Room. There are some that would say that it’s actually funnier than the film. We won’t jump into that debate here but we can say that you, dear fans, can see and hear the commentary LIVE!

RiffTrax has been traveling around the country doing live shows and they’re in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks. The first show is May 6th and the second is May 12th.

You will rue the day you fell in love with The Room if you miss this once-in-a-lifetime comedic opus.

Click Here for more information and to order tickets!!!

And don’t forget to get your very own Talking Johnny Bobblehead!

The Room stage play. Live at the AFI Silver Screen theater in Maryland on 6-11-11. Staring Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. It’s a dream come true for fans but please, watch those spoons. There are real people up there now!

On February 6th at midnight, a mere seven days before Casablanca, the Cedar Lee theater will be showing The Room, one of the best bad movies you‘ll ever see. This multi-million dollar production comes to us from the strangely beefy auteur Tommy Wiseau and has threatened in overtake The Rocky Horror Picture Show as the midnight movie of choice for discerning moviegoers in many cities. The Room concerns the trials and tribulations of Johnny (played by Wiseau), a banker who cannot wait to marry the love of his life, Lisa. But Lisa is two timing on him with his best friend, and her mother has cancer and their nearly adopted son is hooked on drugs, and the bank where Johnny works doesn’t like his ideas and… whew!

Trying to define The Room is like trying to cage a wild animal, it’s dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted by the weak. Just bring some plastic spoons to the show and join in on what has become a great audience participation event. Bring your significant other with you and drink from the somewhat rotten smelling well of knowledge that is contained in this hysterically inept, but wonderful little gem.


Sold Out in Sydney!

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If you’re thinking of entering The Room down under, I hope you already have a ticket because it’s sold out! It seems like an amazing show plus an introduction and Q&A with cult movie guru and now author Michael Adams (Showgirls, Teen Wolves and Astro Zombies) by Michael Adams.

Click here to read more about it!

I want to thank OgenB for allowing us to post his wonderful YouTube fan interviews from the packed Portland screening last month. And read his killer review of “The Room” here!

We just got word that TheRoomUK put together an amazing video of the premiere screening of The Room at the Prince Charles Cinema!

Audience reactions from the UK premiere of THE ROOM at the Prince Charles Cinema, London. Cameo appearances from TV’s acid tongued moderator CHARLIE BROOKER and uber talented magician/actor ANDY NYMAN.

For more info on THE ROOM in the UK including upcoming screenings check out:

Thanks to everyone who came out and sold out FIVE screens at the Los Angeles screening of THE ROOM tonight! Pics and Videos coming soon! Send YOUR pics to We’d love to share them!

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