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To be filed in the “Holy Hell” category, we just got a photo from uber The Room fan, Warren and it goes to show how far some people will go to see Wiseau’s masterpiece- to the ends of the Earth!

“My name is Warren and I just got done with a 13 month deployment with the United States Antarctic Program at the South Pole. Attached is a pic of our Room club with the movie at the Geographic South Pole, Antarctica. We managed to watch the film every Wednesday for the duration of Antarctic winter, which lasts about 40 weeks. It was a feat, though many of the other winterovers thought we were a bit odd. Our final screening in October was attended by nearly 75% of the station’s population, however (there were 47 of us). During winter at the South Pole we are inaccessible from the outside world (about 10 months) and endure 6 months of unbroken darkness with temperatures exceeding -100F. The Room kept us warm.”

The Room Goes South!

Click the Pic for the hi-res image.

Thanks for the amazing pic! I sure Tommy will be pleased to know his film has circled the globe and back.

Send us your pics!

Mike's Bobble Head at Work


The Room with Kristen

George and his Bobblehead

Carla kisses her bobble head

Barry with his Bobblehead

We’ve got an exclusive glimpse of the Talking Johnny Bobble Head production line! Looks like an army of figures will be invading the holiday season. Oh, Hi Best Gift ever!

Talking Johnny Bobblehead

Talking Johnny Bobble Head Factory

Talking Johnny Bobble Heads


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