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You know you’ve been anxiously waiting to see Tommy’s glorious return to the screen. Now you get to spend Friday with Alex and his terrifying tale of blood and home ownership. Turn the lights down low and enjoy!


The Room Game

Your 8-bit dreams have come true. We received word that The Room is now available for playing. Join in the adventure as Johnny moves around San Francisco buying Lisa’s red dress, going to work at the bank, and petting his doggie.

Click here to play THE ROOM game!

Your prayers have been answered. Tommy’s horror film, The House that Dripped Blood on Alex is here! Well, almost. Check out a sneak preview at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego!

The Room in 3D!

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Tommy Wiseau in 3D

Now when Johnny is torn apart, you can really feel it! Avatar, look out. Tommy tell Boston The Room could be in 3D!

“But a few days before his belated Bean Town touchdown, Wiseau exclusively told MyFoxBoston of his plans to bring “The Room” even closer yet to its devoted fan-base. “We are actually looking at (reformatting) the film in 3-D,” Wiseau told MyFoxBoston through his signature, all-but indecipherable accent from his L.A. home late one recent Friday night.”

Click Here to Read the Full Article!

You heard right. The makers of the official Talking Johnny Bobble Head have hired the world famous, Steve Commerce to pitch the limited edition, high-quality figurine. He’s giving you the deal of the century. Don’t miss out!

You can watch more episodes at!

And visit Steve Commerce’s official site for more information on the man, the myth, the legend. CLICK HERE!

Oh, Hi Fans!! As you all must now by now, the “Johnny” Talking Bobble Head is now available for purchase at Make sure to get yours because they are selling quick! Tell all your friends, family, and everyone that you know that loves “The Room” so that they can have one of the first Talking Johnny Bobble Heads to ever be manufactured!!


Holiday Holidays!

We’ve got an exclusive glimpse of the Talking Johnny Bobble Head production line! Looks like an army of figures will be invading the holiday season. Oh, Hi Best Gift ever!

Talking Johnny Bobblehead

Talking Johnny Bobble Head Factory

Talking Johnny Bobble Heads


You wanted it. You got it. The Talking Johnny Bobble Head is coming this Christmas! I know what’ll be “tearing apart” my stocking this holiday!

Talking Johnny Bobble Head from The Room

Here are some specs:

* 7.5 inch, high-quality resin
* Johnny looks dashing in his lumpy black suit
* He’s carrying a rose for Lisa and a football for playing with Denny
* The base is a recreation of the famed roof set with official The Room logo

He says his classic lines with a push of a button:

“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!”
“I’m fed up with this world!”
“Love is blind.”
“Oh, hi Denny.”
“I did naaaaaaaht.”

Stay tuned for updates!

Happy Birthday, Tommy!

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Tommy's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Tommy! May the coming year bring you, and us, more Wiseau-Films projects!

Don’t get too wasted on Scotchka and be sure to have someone invite all your friends to the birthday party. It’s a good idea!

We’ve got some exclusive video from the LA screening on the 29th of August. Tommy made an appearance, tossed the football around, signed autographs and took photos with the fans.

The news also broke Saturday Night that a TALKING JOHNNY BOBBLE HEAD is coming!!! Can’t wait!

We’ll see you next month!

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