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Tommy or Bust!

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A Room Of His Own
Getting To Know Cult-Film Auteur Tommy Wiseau

Riddled with crappy overdubbing, confusing dialogue, pointless supporting characters, embarrassing sex scenes, and plot holes galore, the 2003 fi lm The Room is an unequivocal disaster. But thanks to the relentless determination of its enigmatic writer/director/producer/star Tommy Wiseau, it’s also enjoying new life on both coasts as a hot ticket that is single- handedly reviving the lost art of the audience-participation midnight movie. The fi lm has been playing for six years at the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theater in L.A., where a word-of-mouth fan base embraces it with a zest reminiscent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: dressing as characters, reciting dialogue verbatim, and throwing plastic spoons (in response to a framed picture of a spoon that appears in multiple scenes). And now New York has gotten into the act, selling out monthly midnight showings where even comedian and Room fan David Cross once ap- peared dressed as Wiseau.


The independent film “The Room” didn’t exactly make a splash when it opened six years ago. Critics panned it — the few who reviewed it, that is — and moviegoers stayed away in droves.

So why, on a Saturday night, are hundreds of people lined up around the second-floor space of Laemmle’s Sunset 5 theater on Sunset Boulevard, waiting to see it? And why are many of them lugging bags full of plastic spoons?

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The Room and The Emmy?

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What does “The Room” have in common with The 2009 Emmy Awards? Alec Baldwin. Click the image to find out more!

CLICK Alec Baldwin!

The steamy story of a love triangle between a duplicitous young woman, her too-trusting fiancé and his best friend, The Room is a movie that provokes many, many questions.

Indeed, their sheer abundance makes Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 movie an unusually enigmatic viewing experience, as Torontonians may discover when one of the decade’s strangest cult sensations has its first official Canadian screening at the Royal July 24.


Sandra and Tommy?! Whaaa?

Eh…It’s not what you think….But MSNBC does mention Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” in their story about Sandra Bullock’s movie, “All About Steve.” Check it out!

“One of the more unlikely cult successes of recent years has been Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room,” a movie that sells out its monthly midnight screenings in Los Angeles not because it’s good but because it’s so exceedingly inept as to merit fascination. It’s one of those films you watch that leaves you wondering if its maker has ever seen a movie or had a conversation in English with another human being.”

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“‘The Room’ by Tommy Wiseau, has been called many things: confusing, inspired awfulness, genius. But in reality, “The Room” defies description. It can be found everywhere these days from Fox News to Tim & Eric. People cant seem to get enough of this amazing cinematic achievement.

We here at mimoZine, being fans ourselves, set out to explore the phenomenon from our own senseless sensibilities. We talked to Michael Rousselet ( ) the man-boy screenwriter who was an early discoverer of The Room and started some of the 1st interactive screenings. We also met with the amazing Greg Sestero (famous for staring as Marc in the movie) who gave us an inside perspective on the making of The Room.”

Watch More “The Room” Videos at the Mimobot YouTube Channel!

There’s a great post on The Room UK about their SOLD OUT show at the Prince Charles Cinema Theatre. Check it out for fantastic photos and commentary!

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Another great interview from Canada! This one is from the National Post.

Every now and then, a movie comes along that defines a generation. Incredibly, the film that has begun to fill that role for twenty-and thirtysomethings is The Room, a gloriously dreadful story of love, betrayal and awkward dialogue. Click Here for More!

Think you’ve read all there is to read about Tommy? Think again! Here’s a look at Mr. Wiseau’s spine-tingling interview in the very cool Empire Magazine. If you didn’t pick it up from your neighborhood newsstand (for shame!), you can read it here!

Page One of the Empire Interview

Page Two of the Empire Interview

Page Three of the Empire Interview

Page Four of the Empire Interview

Tommy in NOW

On the phone from San Diego, where he’s signing autographs at Comic-con, Tommy Wiseau, Director of 2003 cult hit The Room, chats about the making of a phenomenon, where you go from there, and why you can’t have a drama without comedy.

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