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A preview of Kristina Wong’s interview with The Room’s Greg Sestero for

Puppet Time…Wiseau Style

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You know you’ve made it big when people are creating puppets of you. Puppets. Answering emails. Life is good…and a little scary.


YouLikeWeLike The Room!

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Following its release in 2003, some critics were quick to tag The Room as amongst the worst films made, mixing as it does cavernous plot holes with lip bitingly bad acting and soft focus production values. Straight to DVD, or worse, seemed inevitable, but that was not to be the case for The Room. Instead, the film has evolved into a cult phenomenon with fans around the world.


Joel Crary has a great review on his blog- “Something about watching a group of people file out through a field of plastic spoons, still cracking jokes after a shared experience of such lunacy, did my heart good. The guy in front of me who loudly complained that he was trying to watch the movie was especially kidding.”


A couple of weekends ago, I witnessed a fascinating merging of viral videos and cult film culture.

It was a collision of the individual experience of being blown away by the outlandish, random absurdity of a YouTube viral video (think about the first time you saw The Shining Recut) and the communal experience of attending an audience-participation movie event, such as a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It was deliriously fun. And it was all thanks to one man’s artistic vision and determination.


Getting inside the head of any film director — let alone one as enigmatic as Tommy Wiseau — can be a daunting challenge. Speaking to me about his cult hit The Room, Mr. Wiseau would not talk about the film’s financing or any potential profit. Little is known of his country of birth or much of his background. Tommy Wiseau is a mystery, and that’s how the director likes it.

In my interview with Wiseau, I was able to peer a bit behind the curtain at one of Hollywood’s most infamous filmmakers. What I found was … How do I put this? What I found was difficult to understand.

Room fans, this is the interview you have been waiting for. Everyone else, hold on tight. Tommy Wiseau in his own words, after the jump …


Tangy and juicy! Tommy Wiseau sits down The Citrus Report to discuss The Room phenomenon as well as future projects.

Immediately after getting off the phone with Tommy Wiseau I couldn’t help but think of a line from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. “There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. Some kind of high-powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”


The catchy music stays with you. You hum it in your car, at the office, in the shower. That haunting, romantic score to THE ROOM which sounds a little like a Harry Potter porn film. We got an exclusive interview with composer, Prof. Mladen Milicevic who helped give the film its distinctive tone. He’s a professor at Loyola Marymount University and knew the film would be a hit from the start. Read on (and yes, it’s real)!

TRF- Were you able to view the ‘The Room’ in entirety before composing the soundtrack?
MM – Yes!

TRF – What about the ‘The Room’ inspired the theme for the music?
MM – Tommy’s accent!

TRF – The music definitely has a renaissance sound to it. What inspired you to go with something classical, over something more modern?
MM – Tommy said that ‘The Room’ resembled ‘The Street Car Named desire’

TRF – Did you work closely with Tommy Wiseau on the creation of the music?
MM – Yes! He sat next to me.

TRF – Did Tommy give you any specific direction on the theme?
MM – Absolutely!

TRF – We have to admit, the theme song is incredibly catchy – we often find ourselves humming it at work. Was this intentional?
MM – I did not compose the songs, I just did the background score.

TRF – There are times where the music is foreboding, and dark. What inspired this?
MM – At times the story gets scary. Like when we find out about the breast cancer.

TRF – Are you surprised by the renewed success of the ‘The Room’?
MM – Not at all! It was apparent from the moment I saw the film that it is going to be a big hit. Tommy knew it from the beginning.

TRF – Have you ever been to a midnight screening at the Laemle theater on Sunset?
MM – Several times! Those are my most memorable visits to the movie theatres.

TRF – Are there fans at Loyola who ask you to sign their ‘The Room’ soundtrack cds?
MM – No, but a lot of my students have seen ‘The Room’

This is an oldie but a goodie. Kristen Bell talks about her favorite film in this interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Go to 4:51 to hear her describe THE ROOM in all its glory. Will she bring the Talking Johnny Bobble Head to the show next? We’ll see!

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