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Our good friends at Wired had a great article celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Tommy Wiseau’s masterpiece. When do you first remember seeing the film? Thank you, Tommy, for 10 years of hilarity. Let’s see Tennessee William’s do that!

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OLP: The Room

Were you expecting a love letter? lol

Since its limited release in 2003 cult-classic The Room has garnered such lofty accolades as ‘best worst film of all time’ and ‘the Citizen Kane of bad movies’. It regularly packs out late-night screenings in independent cinemas the world over, where hysterical audiences indulge in spoon-throwing and short-distance American football passing, all spawned from bizarre events in the film.

The Room is a comedy of errors, not in the Shakespearean sense but rather actual mistakes made by all involved. These include glaring continuity errors, clichéd dialogue, capricious plot and thoroughly wooden acting. For those not in the know one need only watch this brief excerpt for an accurate representation of the terrible beauty of the film. It soars over ‘just plain bad’, clears un-watchable and lands squarely in that hallowed land of ‘so bad it’s good’. It is a film so perfectly awful that it could not be consciously matched, though given Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix’s recent mockumentary-in-disguise I’m Still Here, it seems many are trying.

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Citizen Kane…who needs it. The next big film that needs, nay, demands analysis is The Room. Why is it an important film for this generation? You’ll have to ask such poignant questions to James MacDowell who wrote a critical essay on Wiseau’s “perfect storm of insanity”.

“The Room is a celebrated cult phenomenon (the latest in a long line of movies dubbed the ‘worst ever’) and, as such, has unsurprisingly spawned a great deal of discussion. I want to take a slightly different approach to it than many, however. Rather than focussing on a run-down of its countless dreadful pleasures or the participatory culture that has sprung up around it, I want to look in detail at one short sequence to try to explain something of how it works, and what this can tell us about the film as a whole. I have a few reasons for doing this…”


Making your own sex tape seems simple enough, but before you get your partner and webcam and half-ass it, delve into the mind of movie genius, Tommy Wiseau. His sex scenes in The Room have become a cult classic, and he was kind enough to share his bedroom advice with AskMen for the Top 10: Tips For Making A Sex Tape – By Tommy Wiseau


Give BREAKING DAWN to Tommy Wiseau.

Those of you who know what I’m talking about can probably skip the video portions of this column. For those who don’t, Wiseau is the director and star of the cult hit THE ROOM, which plays once a month in L.A. on five screens, and sells out every show. Apparently conceived as an awards-worthy romantic tragedy, THE ROOM is one of the funniest movies of the past decade, largely due to Wiseau’s inconsistent acting, bizarre accent and appearance, and complete inability to understand how actual human beings think, speak, and interact. With 20/20 hindsight, he will tell you that these were all deliberate choices designed to make you react. But then, he also claims to be American.


Popdose Gets High on Wiseau

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Tommy was kind enough to give me an hour of his time. With The Room’s massive cult following, he is on a whirlwind tour, appearing at screenings while working on his own upcoming projects. Check out this in-depth interview with Tommy to find out how his theater background affected him, what mistakes he thinks he made in The Room, what he is working on next, where he came up with the idea for The Room, the symbolism behind the spoons and football, and much more — including an improvised scene to prove he can add emotion to anything.


Seven years ago, independent filmmaker Tommy Wiseau released a low-budget relationship drama called “The Room.” Originally it played at only one theater in Los Angeles, but slowly the film garnered a huge cult audience. Wiseau has been screening the film around the country at ever-larger venues, and this month he will show it at the AFI Theater in Silver Spring.


Tommy Takes the Red Eye

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Tommy Wiseau gets interviewed in glorious Wiseau style!

The cult hit The Room is fast becoming the Rocky Horror of its generation. Originally released in 2003, the film quickly sank like a stone and seemed destined for obscurity…until it was discovered by a small but enthusiastic contingent of movie geeks and irony-loving hipsters. Since then, midnight screenings have been cropping up all over the country, attended by boisterous fans who dress up like the film’s characters and act out scenes at the front of the theatre. Tommy Wiseau—the movie’s writer, director, producer and star—has fully embraced the hype and even makes appearances at screenings to sign autographs and greet loyal “Roomies”, yet remains strangely tight-lipped about the film’s production, script, and actors. So imagine our delight when Juliette Danielle— The Room ‘s leading lady—agreed to be interviewed for Praxis . Juliette is—of course—nothing like her Room character, the deliciously evil and duplicitous Lisa. She rescues feral cats, she likes karaoke, and she has a great sense of humor about The Room and its legions of devoted fans.


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