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The Room Makes a Top 100 List!

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Oh, you naysayers. You didn’t think it would happen, did you? Well Mike Shultz of River Cities’ Reader thinks there are 100 purely awesome movies from the last decade and THE ROOM is in there!


We know many of you hardcore fans woke up this morning and found a little Talking Johnny under your Christmas Tree. Pose with your bobble head and share your pics with us! Email them to Happy Holidays!

Talking Johnny Bobble Head from The Room  by Tommy Wiseau

Special thanks to Christopher for passing along his hilarious trading cards. Watch out, Topps!


Follow Us on Twitter!

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We know all you cool kids are running around with your tweaks and whatnot. So we created a Twitter account. Follow us and be the first to know about exclusive THE ROOM scoops!


Motivational Wiseau

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The Room Soundboard!

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The Room Soundboard

So you can’t get enough of the lines, huh? Need to recite dialogue from the film endlessly, eh? Here’s THE ROOM Soundboard for your listening pleasure!

Click Here and Crank it Up!

You wanted it. You got it. The Talking Johnny Bobble Head is coming this Christmas! I know what’ll be “tearing apart” my stocking this holiday!

Talking Johnny Bobble Head from The Room

Here are some specs:

* 7.5 inch, high-quality resin
* Johnny looks dashing in his lumpy black suit
* He’s carrying a rose for Lisa and a football for playing with Denny
* The base is a recreation of the famed roof set with official The Room logo

He says his classic lines with a push of a button:

“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!”
“I’m fed up with this world!”
“Love is blind.”
“Oh, hi Denny.”
“I did naaaaaaaht.”

Stay tuned for updates!

Happy Birthday, Tommy!

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Tommy's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Tommy! May the coming year bring you, and us, more Wiseau-Films projects!

Don’t get too wasted on Scotchka and be sure to have someone invite all your friends to the birthday party. It’s a good idea!

The Room Invades Engadget!

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“The Room” Fast Facts

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Did you know?…

Fast Facts

1. The film screens once a month at midnight in Los Angeles
2. The film’s star, Tommy Wiseau also wrote, produced and directed the film
3. IMDb reports the budget at $6,000,000.00
4. Was shot on 35mm and High Definition simultaneously
5. The film shot for 8 months in Los Angeles
6. Second unit shooting took place in San Francisco
7. Film employed 400 people
8. Running time 99 minutes
9. Wiseau made a documentary short in 2004 called Homeless in America

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