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Gamers PWN The Room!

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When was the last time you enjoyed THE ROOM game? This phenomenal tribute to the best/worst movie in the universe is a stunning achievement. You too can be a poor soul trapped within those four rose-colored walls of despair. Be a part of the madness as you look for clues to a mystery no one understands. Will you get to the bottom of the spoons? Will anyone?

The Room tribute game is a fan’s dream. The game is available at Newgrounds and was programmed by Tim Fulp. It’s a flash game so puts those iPads and iPhones away and crank up your computer to join in the 8-bit fun.

Play the full game here and kiss your afternoon goodbye!

We want to thank Tom for passing this list of The Room resources along for all you Room addicts!

The Room Game

Your 8-bit dreams have come true. We received word that The Room is now available for playing. Join in the adventure as Johnny moves around San Francisco buying Lisa’s red dress, going to work at the bank, and petting his doggie.

Click here to play THE ROOM game!

Oh, there’s a lot of grumbling out there. You love to hate, you hate to love. The Room brings out the best and the worse in everyone. In the meantime, get yourself a lovely Talking Johnny Bobble Head and tell him your woes. He’ll tell you “Love is Blind”…which it is…so don’t worry about it!

Buy your limited edition bobblehead while supplies last at THEROOMSTUFF.COM!

Tommy Wiseau Bobblehead
And if you’re at Comic-Con this week, tell Tommy to sign yours.

Hi Room Fans,

We’ve been receiving a ton of emails and comments for Tommy and Wiseau-Films so I just wanted to be clear that we’re just a fansite. We’re not the official site of The Room. So if you have questions or comments for Tommy and his company, please direct them towards his official site. We appreciate it.


Of course Tommy should direct the next Twilight film. That’s a slam dunk.

“Okay, so I know what you’re thinking: “You’re just saying that because you think TWILIGHT sucks, and THE ROOM sucks too!” Au contraire. First of all, I think THE ROOM is AWESOME. Secondly, yes, I do think the first TWILIGHT movie kinda sucks, but I have a much more detailed case to make that Tommy is the man. To start with, he shares the same fashion sense as Jacob:”


The Room in 3D!

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Tommy Wiseau in 3D

Now when Johnny is torn apart, you can really feel it! Avatar, look out. Tommy tell Boston The Room could be in 3D!

“But a few days before his belated Bean Town touchdown, Wiseau exclusively told MyFoxBoston of his plans to bring “The Room” even closer yet to its devoted fan-base. “We are actually looking at (reformatting) the film in 3-D,” Wiseau told MyFoxBoston through his signature, all-but indecipherable accent from his L.A. home late one recent Friday night.”

Click Here to Read the Full Article!

You’re my favorite customer!

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Want to see what happened to the store where Johnny bought all his Valentine’s Day roses for Lisa? Here’s the infamous flower shop location in 2010. The REAL flower shop!

Click the image to see it large.

Johnny's Flower Shop

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

The Room for Valentine's Day

So you want to be as romantic as Johnny by having chocolate and roses ready for your sweet Valentine this year. That’s pretty good but you’ll really seal the deal with the Official Talking Johnny Bobble head. Let’s it whisper sweet nothings into your mate’s ear this holiday and the love will explode like you’re sitting on an atomic bomb!

The Room Stuff is selling the bobble head at a special price for a limited time only. Get one now and give the gift of mad passion this Valentine’s Day!


Take the greatest films of the last ten years and you’ll see some common threads. Big stars. Oscar-worthy performances. Arresting storytelling. Superb scripts. Pitch-perfect direction. Yes, my friends…and that is where you’ll find The Room!


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