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Suddenly, a man jumped up on a riser outside the theater and yelled, “5, 4, 3, 2…”! The crowd roared with excitement! The Count’s jaw dropped as if he’d seen a UFO, then a light bulb went off, “Oh my gosh! That’s the guy! That’s ‘Lisa! You’re tearing me apart!’ the guy from the movie!” Then it hit me, it was Tommy Wiseau, the star of the cult film “The Room”! Read What Happens Next by Clicking Here!

When Jason Sato of Invasion of The B Movies; his superb site dedicated to everything that’s wrong in the world of movies, focusing on the wacky, the profane and the down right weird, tells you that ‘this movie is fucking awful’, then you better believe him. The Room, the vanity project of Tommy Wiseau, has eclipsed it’s status as the butt-end to every joke by becoming something of a huge cult hit as ‘the worst movie ever’, full of plot holes, dodgy acting and dialogue so awful that it has to be heard to be believed, The Room goes down as the worst film ever to grace Counting Down The Zeroes. Click here to Read the Whole Article!

From Dose Magazine in Canada – Every now and then, a movie comes along that defines a generation. Incredibly, the film that has begun to fill that role for 20- and 30-somethings is The Room, a gloriously dreadful story of love, betrayal and awkward dialogue. Click to Read the Full Article

Tommy Wiseau, the enigmatic director, star, and co-executive producer of 2003′s independently shot The Room, is emphatic when it comes to defending his hypnotically off-kilter un-mellow-drama. Its rapidly expanding cult audience ranks the film right up there with Troll 2 and Plan 9 From Outer Space in terms of exquisite awfulness, but The Room – a bizarre love triangle of red-hot passions and stone-cold line readings – is far from the worst movie ever made … or, at least, so says Wiseau, speaking from his home in Los Angeles in the same syntactically garbled Eastern European patois he uses in the film. Wiseau says it’s French-ish, by way of New Orleans, but it sounds more like Udo Kier talking around a mouthful of loose fangs. Read the Full Article Here!

At last, “The Room” is coming to the Pacific Northwest.

But is there room in Seattle for “The Room”?

Stay tuned.

Certainly a film recognized by one academic as “the ‘Citizen Kane’ of bad movies” will have its day in film-savvy Seattle, but for now the closest Northwest screening of “The Room” will take place in Portland. An informal survey in Seattle indicates no immediate plans for a theatrical screening here.

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The Room arguably qualifies as one of the worst films ever made, but I’m not sorry I saw it. I’m only sorry I witnessed its shlocky attempt at eroticism on DVD instead of with a group, like at the Plaza Theatre’s upcoming screening Tues., Feb. 17, at 9:30 p.m. Barely noticed upon its original release in 2003, The Room has inspired a fanatical cult following that includes Hollywood cool kids such as Paul Rudd and David Cross. The Room invites joyous ridicule at midnight screenings like The Rocky Horror Picture Show for a new generation.

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NPR digs deep for what makes “The Room” so special-

Lisa is Tearing Johnny apart!

So what’s the attraction? The consensus is that the movie is so bad it’s actually painfully funny to watch. What makes the experience so much fun are the hundred or so fans that routinely show up for screenings.

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Awfully Good!

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The Room is probably the worst film ever made, but it’s peculiarly difficult to hate it because of how awfully good it is.

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From Variety – Long-running midnight movie developing cult following:

The face on the billboard leers down over Highland, half-lidded and haunting in black and white. The image — actually the headshot of helmer Tommy Wiseau — has branded “The Room,” a self-distributed directorial debut so hopelessly amateurish that auds reportedly walked out during its two-week run in July 2003.

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The Room on

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“At a midnight screening in a Los Angeles multiplex, the atmosphere hovers somewhere between rambunctious and mildly terrifying. Whenever a framed photograph of a spoon appears on screen, which it frequently does, audience members throw fistfuls of plastic cutlery. They also perform skits, at one point gathering at the bottom right of the screen and shouting, ”Down here, Tommy!” anticipating the moment when the face of the lead actor, Tommy Wiseau, looks in their direction. And they comment loudly on blurrily shot scenes (”Focus!”) or inadequately introduced characters (”Who the f— are you?”)”…..

If you want to read the full article, go to The Crazy Cult of The Room

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