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The Room is selling out screenings in Australia! Here’s a post from

It’s essentially a love triangle between Johnny (Wiseau), his fiancée Lisa (Juliette Danielle) and his best friend, Mark (Greg Sestero, also the line producer). Then there’s Lisa’s mum, an orphan (played by a 40-year-old man), a doggie, and much, much more.

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The site gives props where props are due!

“Why is a low-budget melodrama from 2003 the No. 1 selling DVD on in both independent comedy and independent drama — especially when those who see it describe it as “absolutely terrible”? Welcome to the strange cult of “The Room.”

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Angst in Arkansas!

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When you think of great cinematic displays of angst, maybe you land on Gena Rowlands wilding out in “A Woman under the Influence.” Or Brando, bellowing up at the balcony in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” But that’s only because you probably haven’t seen “The Room,” the melodrama-turned-cult-hit that screened at the Little Rock Film Festival in May. It will play again at 9 p.m. Saturday at Market Street Cinema and, if organizer Levi Agee has his way, each subsequent final Saturday of the month until September.


The media savvy among you might already have heard about this, or seen clips form it on YouTube. It has been playing once-monthly midnight shows in Los Angeles for five years now, to audiences that react with an interactive fervor that recalls the heyday of Rocky Horror. It’s available on DVD, and while you can’t get it from NetFlix or at local rental outlets, you can buy it for under $10 at Amazon.

Get it. It’s worth every penny.

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With his film The Room, Tommy Wiseau has produced the rarest of things — a camp classic that lives up to the so-bad-it’s-good hype. He doesn’t mind if you compare him to Ed Wood, as long as you see his masterpiece “at least three or more times”

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Since its initial release in 2003, The Room has reached near Rocky Horror levels of cult devotion in the U.S., spawning regular midnight showings in Los Angeles and New York, in which moviegoers will yell out dialogue, throw plastic spoons and even act out scenes in front of the screen. It made its Canadian debut in Halifax and Toronto this summer, and will screen in Ottawa on Sept. 18.

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“To adapt Sergio Leone, the history of cinema can be described as a display of the good, the bad and the downright bizarre, and it is in this third category that a film of questionable quality can sometimes take on a life of its own, due entirely to the reaction of the audience.

So to The Room, which is selling out theatres despite every natural convention dictating that it should have faded into obscurity after having been made years ago. The cinematic aspiration of Tommy Wiseau, The Room was conceived as a love triangle between Johnny (played by Wiseau himself), his errant fiancé Lisa (Juliette Danielle) and her cardboard cut out lover Mark (Greg Sestero). Oh yes, you heard that right.”

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On Saturday I had one of the funniest nights of my entire life. I went to see a film called The Room at The Prince Charles Cinema in London’s West End. The Prince Charles will always be a special place for me and thousands of people in and around London. It happens to be one of the few remaining indie cinemas in the world and a damn great place to watch films. Any cinema that can name Quentin Tarantino as a fan must be doing something right.

Anyway back to this wonderful film that I went to see. I have always loved to watch films that fall in the category…

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The Room Takes Over Chicago!

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NBC reports…The film, which has been classified as an unpleasantly bad melodrama, features Wiseau as the romantic lead trapped in a painful love triangle. The film found new life and has been packing midnight screenings in LA for years now…

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“Normally, I’m not into bad movies for the sake of bad movies – I never was an Ed Wood fan or followed Mystery Science Theater 3000. However, I was reading EW’s recent feature about the 2003 film, The Room by writer/director/producer/actor Tommy Wiseu and it just sounded too good (or, er, bad) not to check out. I first started with this trailer and by that point, I was game:” Click Here to Read the Rest!

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