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Shot in 2002, released, barely, in 2003 and gaining in cult status ever since, it’s a film of anguished sincerity, telling the San Francisco-set story of a man, his future wife and his best friend, who is also his future wife’s lover. The writer-director-producer-star is Tommy Wiseau. His opus does not fit any of the usual requirements or definitions of quality. Problems of focus or unconvincing green-screen backgrounds are interrupted, continually, by grander problems of dialogue, acting or human sense.


There’s this running joke among my friends about my obsession with the film The Room—that little ol’ gem from confusingly accented writer/director/producer/star Tommy Wiseau. What can I say: I love its inconsistencies, its sincerity, its party dresses and abundance of sensual candles. (I’ve often described the film as just like a Skinemax movie, but with all the non-sex parts stretched out.) So, naturally, when I heard one of my favorite local theaters the Music Box was flying Wiseau out for a series of screenings in Chicago, I immediately called them up and asked if I could be a part of the evening.


Awful reviews cannot stop The Room , writes Philippa Hawker.

HOW does it feel to have your film – the one you spent 12 years working on and spent millions of dollars of your own money making and promoting – described as ”the Citizen Kane of bad movies”? If you are Tommy Wiseau – director, writer, producer and star of The Room – you will have a ready answer to this question.

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I had been hearing about the amazing cult following behind this infamous movie, which includes the brilliant Tim and Eric (Tommy Wiseau did an episode of Tim and Eric!). So, when ratscratch himself said The Room was “so perfectly horrendous, so unbelievably awful that it reaches new depths of bad. It reinvents bad.” I knew I had to finally see it. There were awesome things yelled at the screen, props were thrown constantly, and it was true: the film indeed made the pacman effect from horrible to amazing. We needed a new Rocky Horror or Plan 9, and we now have it. Congratulations, this generation!

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Julie Washington of Cleveland’s, The Plain Dealer, digs deep to discover what makes THE ROOM tick and stick:

“Watch out for members of a strange new cult hanging around the Cedar Lee Theatre. You can spot them by their bags of plastic spoons, strange accents and hankering for pizza that’s half pineapple and Canadian bacon, half artichoke and pesto, light on the cheese.

They are harmless, even if their taste in movies is sick. They are fans of the latest cult-movie sensation, “The Room,” a movie so bad it’s been called “the ‘Citizen Kane’ of bad movies.” ”


From MovieLine: Over the past two weeks, James Franco relied on brooding stares, sinister laughter and one-note monologues to maximize the illusion of his character’s evil persona. But during today’s episode of General Hospital, the performance art-motivated actor tapped into something much deeper: textbook soap opera skills. Franco was angry, so James Franco raised his voice, pointedly gestured, and adopted all of the body language taught in the “Fury” week of Acting 101. It was a scene with such formulaic passion that it immediately brought to mind Tommy Wiseau’s brilliantly craptastic performance in The Room.

Here’s James Franco being torn apart:


The Room is a great feature in the newest edition of Paracinema Magazine! There’s also a nice ad for the Talking Johnny Bobblehead on the back. :-) Check it out. It’s an amazing publication!

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Where have cult classics gone?

While midnight movie buffs go through the audience interaction motions with decades-old reels of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “This is Spinal Tap,” newer attempts at finding this generation’s version of those phenomena have mostly failed. Richard Kelly’s bloated, forced “Southland Tales” failed to attract positive attention, and the most recent cult success dates back to 1998’s “The Big Lebowski.”

These movies, rescued from obscurity by devoted audiences, were stale before writer/director/producer/actor/editor Tommy Wiseau brought “The Room” to packed screenings.


From the Washington Post!

By Alex Baldinger
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, November 27, 2009

As a film, story and depiction of basic human interaction, Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” is a train wreck of almost incomprehensible proportions: Whole scenes are out of focus, while others are repeated in their entirety; characters appear without introduction, while others vanish without explanation; and the unfortunate cast engages in behavior that few would consider typical.

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XPress in Canada Gets a Room

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One has to prepare properly for this event. Spoons, preferably of the plastic variety, to throw at the screen are a necessity, as are a couple of pops beforehand (as Don Cherry would say), for you will be “Roomed.” Yes, this landmark cinematic achievement has spawned its own verbiage.

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