Citizen Kane…who needs it. The next big film that needs, nay, demands analysis is The Room. Why is it an important film for this generation? You’ll have to ask such poignant questions to James MacDowell who wrote a critical essay on Wiseau’s “perfect storm of insanity”.

“The Room is a celebrated cult phenomenon (the latest in a long line of movies dubbed the ‘worst ever’) and, as such, has unsurprisingly spawned a great deal of discussion. I want to take a slightly different approach to it than many, however. Rather than focussing on a run-down of its countless dreadful pleasures or the participatory culture that has sprung up around it, I want to look in detail at one short sequence to try to explain something of how it works, and what this can tell us about the film as a whole. I have a few reasons for doing this…”


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