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You know you’ve been anxiously waiting to see Tommy’s glorious return to the screen. Now you get to spend Friday with Alex and his terrifying tale of blood and home ownership. Turn the lights down low and enjoy!


Since its limited release in 2003 cult-classic The Room has garnered such lofty accolades as ‘best worst film of all time’ and ‘the Citizen Kane of bad movies’. It regularly packs out late-night screenings in independent cinemas the world over, where hysterical audiences indulge in spoon-throwing and short-distance American football passing, all spawned from bizarre events in the film.

The Room is a comedy of errors, not in the Shakespearean sense but rather actual mistakes made by all involved. These include glaring continuity errors, clichéd dialogue, capricious plot and thoroughly wooden acting. For those not in the know one need only watch this brief excerpt for an accurate representation of the terrible beauty of the film. It soars over ‘just plain bad’, clears un-watchable and lands squarely in that hallowed land of ‘so bad it’s good’. It is a film so perfectly awful that it could not be consciously matched, though given Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix’s recent mockumentary-in-disguise I’m Still Here, it seems many are trying.

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