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If you have ever seen The Room, or perhaps witnessed the strangely reoccurring Los Angeles billboard or surfed the equally creepy website, you’ll understand why casting Tommy Wiseau in a horror parody is nothing short of brilliant. Under the creative direction of Studio 8’s Brock LaBorde (I’ve worked with the man -disclosure! disclosure!) Untitled Tommy Wiseau Studio 8 Horror Project will no doubt explore the limits of absurdity, nerd-dom, and the grotesque—I know this for a fact, because I saw a rough cut but I can’t talk about it yet. Well, I’ll say this: Tommy is in full-blown Wiseau mode.


Tommy Wiseau is not, technically, famous. He has never been on the cover of Us Weekly, nor has he been the subject of salacious rumors on E! — in short, he is the sort of person who can usually walk down the street without being stopped. Yet on a recent Friday night outside New York City’s Ziegfeld Theatre, Wiseau was greeted by a mob of fans. They chanted his name, crowded around him for pictures and roped him into a game of catch. After he entered the theater, the people he left behind spoke in awestruck tones. Said one: “This is the best night of my life.”

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Tommy Takes the Red Eye

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Tommy Wiseau gets interviewed in glorious Wiseau style!

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